How do I get my book published?2016-12-04T18:21:56+00:00

You can get your book published by submitting a printed copy of your manuscript to Step Literature House, Haatso-Atomic Energy Road. It will be evaluated to check if it is publishable. If it is, you will then be asked to present a soft copy of the manuscript. After that, all the agreements will be signed and then the publishing of your book begins.

In case I have a manuscript and I don’t have money to pay for the publishing, can Step fund it for me?2016-11-26T15:44:08+00:00

Depending on the type of book and how fast it will sell, Step can fund your book for you and pay you royalties.

Can you help me market my books after publishing for me?2016-11-26T15:42:39+00:00

Yes. Step can help you market and sell your books at an agreed rate.

Can I find your books in Bookshops?2016-11-26T16:28:52+00:00

Our books are available in all branches of Challenge Bookshops across the country, Legon Bookshop and other bookshop in Ghana including :

  • Delcam Bookshop – Madina, Adenta
  • Alhaji Bookshop – Koforidua
  • Topman Bookshop – Accra
  • God is Able – Nkawkaw
  • Amasco Bookshop – Kumasi
Can I order Step books online?2016-11-26T15:32:04+00:00

Yes, you can order both hard copies and digital copies online. You can go to our website, stepbooksghana.org and order your books or Amazon, Azalia for your digital copies.

What kind of support will Step Publishers give me in writing my book?2016-11-26T15:16:55+00:00

Step Publishers offers training services every year to writers and people who want to be writers. For more information contact stepwriters@gmail.com / stepmaggh@gmail.com